The San Antonio Spurs are a basketball franchise of the NBA, playing in Texas. Texas might be known to many as a football state, but the state has just as many NBA franchises as any other state (tying California for three), and they’ve all won championships at some point or another. The Dallas Mavericks have one ring in their history, and the Houston Rockets have two from a back to back in the 1990s. However, the San Antonio Spurs have five.

It started in 1999. They had been a perennial playoff team under the leadership of the All-Star “Admiral” David Robinson. A severe back injury crippled him and the team for a season, and they were able to draft high in the lottery, getting future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan. He and Robinson were able to lead the team to their first championship.

Robinson would soon retire, but the team continued to draft well, landing future stars Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker. As a trio with Duncan and other role players that joined them, including Steve Kerr and “Big Shot Bob” Robert Horry, among others, the team went on to win four more rings over the following decade and a half.

The team has the highest win percentage of any North American sports franchise in that time period, including hockey, baseball, and football, even more so than the New England Patriots. Even though Duncan has since retired and Ginobli and Parker are in the autumn of their careers, and despite being overshadowed by the likes of the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Spurs have quietly had two of their best regular seasons ever, building around budding star Kawhi Leonard and a rotation of aging yet effective veterans drawn to the superstar franchise.