There are over 1 million residents in the 8th largest US City of San Antonio. Originally discovered by Spanish explorers in the 1690s on Saint Anthony’s Day it was later made a military post. A mission building was erected in 1718 and was called the Alamo. The Alamo would later become a symbol of resistance after the war with Mexico where the 200 Texans who held off the Alamo fought of thousands of enemies and eventually won Texas’s independence from Mexico.

The city is located in south central Texas about 150 miles northeast of Laredo which is on the border of Mexico. Today there are still many air force bases like Lackland and Brooks.

San Antonio is the second most popular city for tourists in the entire United States. The weather may have something to do with that as it is semi-tropical. Rains are typical from July through September but the winter months do not see extremely cold temperatures.

The city has a lot to see and do. The Alamo is one of the most popular tourist attractions of all. There are also amusement parks like Six Flags and Sea World. There is even a walking tour that will take visitors around some of the most allegedly haunted spots in the city.

The River Walk is the most famous US walk which is along the San Antonio Paseo del Rio. The pathways are made of cobblestone and the walk is lined with shops, restaurants, entertainment and cafes.

The cobblestone walkways and stairways were laid down in the 1930s during the Depression. It is a place everyone enjoys and provides anything from a quiet dinner environment to an exciting night out at the famous Coyote Ugly. There are plenty of hotels to stay at during your visit along the River Walk.