The San Antonio Spurs are setting their priorities this off-season. They want to make it a productive one. After a disappointing end to their season, the Spurs want to make sure next year has a better end.

They have their eyes on one particular thing, a top pick. The San Antonio Spurs began their pursuit of acquiring a top ten pick in Thursday’s NBA draft, according to ESPN. They were prepared to add one at all costs. But, unfortunately, they did not break into the top ten on the draft board.

San Antonio Spurs LaMarcus Aldridge up for grabs?

San Antonio was willing to give up one of their All-Star presences in exchange for a pick. That could have been a golden opportunity for the right team. LaMarcus Aldridge’s days as a Spur looked to be limited heading into the draft, and there is still a chance he could be traded.

There is a chance that he will be wearing another team’s uniform next season. His future with the Spurs could change as soon as this week, Aldridge is up for grabs. San Antonio has discussed trading the power forward. The Spurs have been putting word out around the league. They have already spoken with up to three teams over a trade.

Aldridge’s current contract contains a player option for the 17-18 season. He has declined to speak on that situation. That is why the Spurs are not as hesitant to test out Aldridge on the market.

They could lose him after next season with no compensation in return. Instead of waiting it out, and seeing what his decision might be, the Spurs appear to be taking a different approach. They want to address the issue of potentially losing Aldridge next season.

San Antonio is going to prepare to be short a man on the roster, a year ahead of time. If all works out smoothly, the Spurs just might walk away with a young talent that they can build a future with. While they were not able to work a deal for a top ten pick, that does not mean that some other team is working out a deal for Aldridge and whoever the Spurs pick with their first round selection, for someone already drafted.

As of Thursday morning, San Antonio just had the No. 29 pick in the first round and a second- round selection. If the Spurs could have acquired a top pick, it could have been financially beneficial. Aldridge is not a cheap contract for the Spurs. However, with their pick, the Spurs selected Colorado point guard Derrick White. As of Thursday night, there was no trade, but that could change and a White and Aldridge package could be in the works.

Aldridge was signed to an $84 million contract in 2015. That deal made him the most significant acquisition in free agency. In last postseason he averaged a career low of 16 points per game. For most teams, that kind of production may reach end’s meet, but the for Aldridge is it unusual. In addition to that, the Spurs are unlike most teams.

With Aldridge struggles, the Spurs postseason came up an end in the conference finals. The Golden State Warriors defeated them 129-115, sweeping them in the series. Because of the Warriors, there was no finals appearance by the Spurs.

Can the San Antonio Spurs have a winning season next year? Where will Aldridge end up? A rumor surfaced that he was headed back to Portland, but that trade did not work out. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Commentary by Cody Macleod

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