I was looking for a job after getting laid off from my old one. I was able to collect unemployment benefits from my job for awhile, but I was getting bored with just being around my home and I wanted to find something else. I knew I was going to have to look outside of the town I lived in so I could find a decent job.

I went online and searched for jobs within a 15 mile radius of my current address. I found lots of jobs in San Antonio Texas that I was qualified for. It was not a far drive at all from where I lived and I was willing to drive that distance in order to have a decent paying job. I filled out the information on the job listings so I could apply for the jobs. I hoped to hear from a few of them in particular because I knew they would pay really well and I was qualified for the jobs.

Within just a few days I started getting emails and phone calls for the jobs I applied for. I was set up interviews for a few of them and couldn’t wait to find out more about the jobs in further detail. Once I interviewed for a few of the jobs, I knew that there was one I wanted. I was so happy when I got a phone call from them offering me the job. I asked them when I would start and they said the following Monday.

I was so happy to get back to work and even happier that I found a great job in San Antonio Texas. It has been great so far and the pay is much better than at my old job.